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A world-wide conglomerate of creative thinkers working together for the promotion of your brand - just think of it! no advertising agency has come up with such client driven move, we are the first.

So, just imagine the impetus and power that would go into promoting your brand, when suggestions from a team of global creative personalities from a wide range of domains (movies, management, science, business, arts, philosophy, literature etc) are coherently interwoven to deliver a masterpiece.

We believe in needle-point work. The crux of any advertising campaign is the 'copy'. Though many other factors (like positioning the ad, right time, right place etc) count in the success of your brand being promoted, the main cause for an ad to be successful has always been the copy.

Next important after the copy of an ad is the tag-lines/slogans. We specialize in both the copy and tag-taglines. Test us!

WHAT you say, is all the counts to the human psych and as you know, WHAT is said is called 'copy' in the advertising world.

As a sample of our creativity, judge us by the way we have created our site, didn't you notice that the website does not have too many buttons.

We believe 'brevity' is the soul of advertising.


Sai Vajha

Sai does not have passion. He is passion. Head of data and analytics at Biogen, USA. Headed IT and marketing ops for Rebook, Rocksport, Adidas group. With 20 years of business leadership experience, including 14 years of achievement in driving transformative strategy and organizational performance, Sai is a part of the creative conglomerate.

At Biogen, he unified the business silos across different Biogen therapy areas - harmonized the business demand and mapped them into common IT products.

At Reebok, he established brand strategy, Go To Market strategy, Merchandizing, multichannel sales including social selling, blogs, Sports Marketing and Distribution. He was a key player in having several Leagues and national players with sign up with Reebok Cricket and enabled Rebook to expand into new sports market of North America.

Established Cricket business in North America from start-up enabling Rebook to expand into new sports market. With a well executed business assessment led by Sai Adidas was able to generate a $25M positive cash flow! Improved visibility to Rockport business transactions and priorities across brands within adidas Group; Implemented Global Reporting; Reduced IT Operational costs by $10M.

Bharat Ram K

Being from a political family, Bharat is a persona who is genetically creative and has mastered the art of extracting wit out of wisdom! Running a law firm, he is working as legal expert in specific areas for the government and for billion dollar infrastructure and manufacturing companies.
Have a look at his experience
• Handling Litigation and Policy related issues of Mining Industry viz., APMDC and DMG, Govt of A.P, independently.
• Presently associated with Directorate of Mines & Geology, Govt of A.P. (Annual Revenue of 1000 cr plus).
• Demonstrated excellence by defending the company in cases before National Environmental Appellate Authority, New Delhi and won both the cases.
• Effectively handled a series of Contempt Cases involving Key Government Functionaries before the High Courts and Supreme Court.
• Rich experience in the Legal domain; expertise in planning, strategizing, decision making and implementing legal decisions with demonstrated success in handling legal projects.
• Previously associated with Indu Projects Ltd., Hyderabad & IVRCL Ltd., Hyderabad as Head (Legal)
• Instrumental in preparing legal documents like Contract drafting, Vetting viz., Sale deeds, Lease deeds, MOU’s, Agreements of Sale & Power of attorneys.
• Coordinating with various State Government Departments / Bankers as well as Development Authorities for Obtaining necessary sanctions / approvals for effective handling of land acquisition activities through Private & Public Land Aggregators and also .
• Strong Coordinator with full knowledge about local laws, understanding of the market scenario maintaining good relations with Local Channel Partners, Property Consultants /Dealer /Investors, Bankers, Advocates, Legal Advisors, etc.
Imagine what his experience as lawyer would provide for capturing the attention, with a reason driven by logic.


Born to Bollywood royalty and raised to appreciate the finer things in life, jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali always dreamt in technicolor.

Farah Khan is not just a designer but an artist of masterpieces and an orator of stories. Her creations are conceived in her over active imagination that allows her the freedom to make the impossible possible and her tales of thought, inspiration and craftsmanship is narrated within her bejeweled jewellery theatre.

In her own words, she says “I view the world around us from a different perspective. What necessarily is to others is not what I see it as. I am captivated by our natural environment and any form, shape that catches my fancy stimulates me to translate that inanimate thought into an animate object of beauty and art.”

Artiste, Style Icon and art lover; a philanthropist, both dancer & athlete, mother & fashionista, a digital influencer, Farah is inspirational for all those that follow her lifestyle as she effortlessly balances her personal life & her professional life.

Featured on many magazine covers including Forbes India Marquee to being named as one of the most powerful women in Indian luxury, Farah has also been featured in a UK based digital algorithm on twitter of the world’s top most 250 Influencers among other prominent women like Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and many others.

Winner of many prestigious awards and accolades that range from her professional achievements to “outstanding women achiever’s awards” and “woman of substance awards”, Farah epitomises the modern woman of today. one that is courageous and strong. one that supports social causes to make a difference in someone’s life, one that stands up to what she believes in and one who multitasks all her roles with great ease.

Farah Khan doesn’t love to design.
Farah Khan lives to design!!!!

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