Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why
Ans: 1.The copy/idea/tagline for your product can come from the wide range of creative consultants from around the world.

2.The client is not bound to get the entire campaign done by us.

3. Needlepoint focus on the 'Copy'/naming/taglines!

4. Drastic Cost cutting by millions of dollars.

Q: Won't it be problem if I take only the copy-write/slogan/caption and not the execution part of the campaign?
Ans: Absolutely not, this is what we mean by needlepoint precision. We specialize in providing the concepts and ideas, the implementation can be your's.

Q: But if I need an complete execution of the campaign, can you do that?
Ans: Yes, we can as well do that for you.

Q: Do you work on already existing copy writing or advertisements?
Ans: Yes! we do! if you feel the existing copy or advertising work which you have taken from another agency is not unto the mark, we will reframe and reincarnate the copy or if necessary the entire campaign.